Higher Ed Institutions

88% of colleges compete for less than 50% of students. How do you stand out, reach students early in their research process, and find students that are a best fit for your institution?

With Naviance, students discover best-fit higher education options by allowing them to show interest and connect with institutions looking for students just like them. Almost 8 million students around the globe rely on Naviance to help them align their college plans to their long-term career aspirations.

Your institution can partner with Naviance to educate prospective students about all your college or university has to offer.

Reach Students Sooner

Naviance ActiveMatch matches students to your institution just as they are beginning to research colleges and helps students gain awareness of new educational opportunities, like your college or university, that they may not have otherwise considered.

Find best-fit students

Within Naviance ActiveMatch, students are matched with colleges based on academic credentials and other unique characteristics that match their interests, such as similar institutions they may be considering.

Stephen Quinn

Naviance ActiveMatch has allowed Caldwell to identify best-fit students for our institution in both our primary and new markets. With the already impressive market penetration of Naviance, ActiveMatch puts you in front of the right students, at the right time!

Stephen Quinn Assistant Vice President
Enrollment Management, Caldwell University

Make Campus Visits Count

Higher education admissions professionals know that one of the most influential ways to inform prospective high school students about their college or university is to get them on campus. Use ActiveMatch Events to reach prospective students with campus event information through a tool they already rely on to research best-fit colleges and universities.

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