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Employers and colleges alike bemoan the state of student readiness for postsecondary endeavors, and the world that awaits high school graduates is dramatically different than what it was just a generation ago. How can school districts help ensure that students are ready for life outside of school?

Naviance can help your district and its students—from grades 6-12—achieve college and career readiness by helping students understand how their interests and strengths can lead to best-fit education and career paths.

Naviance solutions include a range of age-appropriate tools for middle school students and high school students—targeted to the unique needs of students at each level.

College Preparation

93% of middle school students aspire to go on to college, yet only 44% enroll. We help schools close this aspirations gap by keeping students engaged in their own education and helping them master the steps required to achieve that goal.

Naviance equips students with the tools they need to successfully transition to postsecondary success—be it attending college or launching a career.

Naviance | Insights

College outcomes are a key measure of student success for districts, schools, and state education agencies--but it’s time consuming and sometimes impossible to get reliable, actionable data. Analyzing your college outcomes and measuring the effectiveness of college readiness and counseling programs enables you to build a college readiness strategy on proven results.

  • Naviance Insights: Included with every Naviance subscription, the Naviance Insights Outcomes Dashboard enables educators to track college outcomes and report results in an easily accessible, presentation-ready format.
  • Naviance Insights Premium: The Analysis and Comparison Dashboards enable counselors and administrators to deeply analyze the data and uncover variables that influence college outcomes. Customize reports (including year-over-year comparisons) to identify factors that influence outcomes for groups such as first-generation students or participants in existing college readiness programs. The Analysis and Comparison Dashboards are available for an additional fee.

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Career Exploration

How does your school or district help students picture what their future could hold, and help them create a clear and actionable path to achieve those goals? The career planning tools in Naviance help students become invested in their own goals by realizing their strengths, goals, values, and how those connect to specific careers.

Academic Planning

Help students develop academic plans that set them up for success.

Naviance offers academic planning tools to ensure students are on track, including creation of Individual Learning Plans. Through student, educator, and family collaboration, these tools ensure students’ plans will meet graduation requirements and satisfy entrance requirements at colleges of their choice, starting in 9th grade.

Linda Binion

Naviance has allowed our district counselors to provide a higher level of service to staff, students, and their families. Additionally, the data collection tools that Naviance provides have enabled us to work smarter.

Linda Binion
Spotsylvania County Schools


The self-discovery tools in Naviance help students develop confidence and lay the foundation for their future. By uncovering strengths and unique skills, students will see that they have potential.

Through collaboration with parents, teachers and school staff, Naviance enables students to understand themselves, the world of possibilities, and ultimately connects learning to life. uses cookies to improve your experience. By using our services, you’re agreeing to our Cookie Policy.